'The Twelve' tells the story of twelve spiritual Elders from around the globe who gather at the United Nations in New York to create a unique ritual for Humankind and planet Earth. Interviewing each one of them in their home environments, they give an unprecedented insight into their knowledge, traditions and rituals. Each of the twelve share a long forgotten wisdom and knowing of our eternal and complex connection with Nature and all of humanity. We follow four of the elders as they travel for the first time to New York, from the isolated coast of Siberia, the mountains of Colombia, the jungles of the Amazon, the deserts of Botswana, and witness the powerful energy of their three day reunion in New York. Their messages are unified in what needs to be done to change the course our planet is taking. 


The Twelve is a feature length documentary that gives a voice to wisdom traditions through the words of these twelve Elders. They share important messages that we can all benefit from in these troubled times.

These words of wisdom are shared by indigenous traditions from all over the world, most of which have never been in contact with one another. Their ability to connect to this level of knowledge enables us to understand our essential nature and change the way we inhabit the world.

By reflecting on our behaviours and state of mind, we actively participate in implementing towards a new reality.

These Elders are not renown or famous spiritual gurus. They are humble individuals taking part in a very important ritual because they hold a specific quality.

This film is about giving the twelve the opportunity to speak their truth. It is about highlighting how wisdom traditions can be a source of inspiration and solutions for ourselves and our modern society. 

‘I created a practice that allows us to become one with the great universe, nature, and people, so that we can love each other and live in harmony with each other.’
— Aoki Hiroyuki (Wisdom Master from Japan)



The Filming